Five Articles to Help Your Business

I have recently been doing a lot of writing for small business websites like (Houston Chronicle) and . I’ve also written for, a personal finance website. I’ve had more than 30 articles published in the last 30-45 days. I thought I’d share some links with you since the topics and content may be of interest to you. I’ve provided a teaser and the link to 5 articles below.

Business ownership can be fraught with risks. You face the risk of business failure and personal financial distress. A less-discussed hazard is familiar to investors who regularly purchase shares in.. …

Financial statements, including the cash flow statement, provide the detail on a company’s financial performance. To fully understand a company’s ability to cover expenses and make capital …


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Business Bank Accounts Do Not Have the Same Protection As Personal Bank Accounts

You know how your personal bank account is protected if you lose your debit or credit card as long as you notify the bank within a specific period of time? Well, this same protection occurs if the bank’s accounts are hacked and your money is taken. The bank is responsible, not you. The bad news is, this protection only applies to personal bank accounts, not business/commercial bank accounts.


Caption: If you did not protect your business account from fraud and cyber attacks, this could be you.

Unfortunately, business owners, especially small business owners, usually assume that their business bank accounts are protected in the same way their personal accounts are. Not so. According to an article in the New York Times, “Provided banks can show adequate security procedures, they have no legal obligation to reimburse businesses for attacks, as federal regulations do not cover commercial accounts.”

What that means is you MUST search your bank’s fraud and IT security measures and see what level of protection they provide. You must take action to ensure the money in your account does not magically disappear one day. The good news is rarely does this type of breach occur. But rarely, is not never, so take precautions.

To read more on the subject, read the NYT article, A Win for Small Businesses in a Bank Fraud Case.”

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Business Planning in Competitive Industries

Here’s a direct excerpt from an article I wrote:


“Many small and medium businesses in numerous industries encounter a lot of competition due to low barriers to entry. In industries where start-up costs are relatively low and few regulatory, relationship, or infrastucture hurdles exist, the competitive landscape can be fierce.  Such industries are often fragmented and local.  Consequently, possessing a clear strategy for how you will differentiate and run your  business can mean the difference between success and failure.

Determine goals and objectives.

One of the primary purposes of a strategic plan is to identify your business’ goals. To do this you must ask some challenging questions. What are your core competencies? What makes you better than your competitors? What are your revenue or net income goals? What area of the market would you like to focus on?”

To read my blog artilce in its entirety, go to The Need for a Strategic Business Plan in Competitive Industries.

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Zig Ziglar Quote: Yesterday Ended Last Night


As you may or may not know, esteemed, crowd pleasing motivational Zig Ziglar died yesterday at the age of 86 of pneumonia. In his honor, I’d like to share a few great quotes from him over the next week or so. Today’s quote is “Yesterday ended last night. Today is a brand-new day. And it’s yours.”

I like this quote because it focuses on the present. Too many of us live in the past which can stop us from enjoying today. Others live too much in the future and also can’t enjoy today since they’re so focused on what will happen instead of what is happening.

Let’s take a hint from Zig Ziglar and start each day afresh and hopeful. Have a wonderful day!

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Raleigh Christmas Parade


I am at the annual Christmas / Holiday Parade in Raleigh, NC. If you have a retail business, especially food-related, along a parade route, a parade is a great opportunity to make additional money. Participating in the parade is a good way to promote and attract. Here is a photo of a high school band. I probably should have included a photo of an area business’ float! Oops!

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Become a Spokesperson to Promote Your Business

I read a job search blog that provided some good tips. But I thought some of the tips were directy applicable to small businesses looking to build credibility in their industry or sector and attract customers. Here is the applicable quote from that blog, “Donate your time or your services to an event in return for personal promotion. Offer to become a guest contributor to blogs in your industry. If there’s an organization or committee of like-minded people in your area, join them.”


Becoming a spokesperson by doing the above will definitely help you promote your business. If your business is less local and more national, you could join national organizations or take advantage of small business forums through online entities such as Yahoo! and LinkedIn.

This was excerpted from the blog post, What Supermodels Can Teach You About Getting a Job by Cara Barone, the Social Media Marketing Manager at Kforce.

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How to Better Use Facebook to Market Your Business

I don’t know that much about using Facebook to connect with your customers. Admittedly, I focus on businesses and not on consumers so I utilize those sites and other marketing and PR options that tend to reach business owners and management. However, I do try to stay abreast of available resources, even if I don’t use them. You never know when an opportunity may present itself. If you have no idea an option even exists, you can’t circle back and find out more about it when a potentially great fit arises. (Of course, you wouldn’t know it was a good fit if you hadn’t been exposed to it, would you?)


Before I get completely sidetracked, my point is that there are myriad ways to now leverage Facebook to connect with and engage with potential, prospective, and current customers. What are those ways? Well, check out the article, Facebook’s Post Targeting Feature a Boon for Small Business by Angela Stringfellow to find out.

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